Sim Barker

Interior Design Teaching


Inspirational and informative Interior Design lessons

Created for the City of Bath College


When I teach Interior Design in Bath,  I cover use of colour, form, texture and light to enhance our experience of our interaction with surrounding space.

I teach people how to create beautiful homes, empowering them to feel confident enough so that they can really enjoy decorating.

Sometimes my students ask if we can be influenced by interior design.

When I tell them just how changed we can become in different spaces, how we can be sped up, slowed down, confused and pushed into spending money (not to mention how our thought patterns and even cognitive ability can be affected); just by the room we stand in........ they go quiet for a while.

My students tell me they complete the Interior Design course feeling empowered to work with colour, texture and light in their own individual way, to create beautiful homes for themselves and their families.